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Ever been? Ever even HEARD of it? Me Neither! And I’m so bummed. I look at all these amazing countries around the world and have to acknowledge that I’ll probably never get to see them – not in person. Life is so fucking short – not to mention that part that none of it isContinue reading “Mauritius”

Is It Possible To Diagnose Oneself With Anything Other Than Being An Alcoholic?

I just thought of something every person on the planet shares – our mortality. It’s unavoidable. But that’s not a diagnosis is it… Hm. I donโ€™t know where this thought came from, but I was laying in bed this morning and this – situation โ€“ blew into my mind (this is totally non-fiction): I haveContinue reading “Is It Possible To Diagnose Oneself With Anything Other Than Being An Alcoholic?”

What Speaks To Your Heart?

Sometimes, I remind folks that when we decide to get sober and leave our drug of choice behind, essentially – we’re breaking up with it. My relationship was with alcohol and drinking it. Alcohol was always there for me – as long as I had the $$$ to buy it. I knew where to findContinue reading “What Speaks To Your Heart?”

Back In The Old Days When I Was Only 30 …

Is it me or did the last 20 years just fly by? It is me? Well, shit. I remember as a kid thinking that my parents were just O L D. And here I am today – 20 years older then they were then. WtF?!?! How’d this happen? I don’t remember agreeing to this! Now,Continue reading “Back In The Old Days When I Was Only 30 …”

You Have 9 Minutes Left On The Clock Of Your Existence.

Nine meager minutes! When I’m on the Elliptical and still have another nine minutes to go – that feels like a freakin’ eternity, but if I had only nine minutes left before the alarm rang on my life? Well – – SHIT! I would send my loved ones texts and then I would probably setContinue reading “You Have 9 Minutes Left On The Clock Of Your Existence.”

Time Machines are Unnecessary

Why? Because all anyone has to do is age and they’ll figure out that time moves much too fast. It moves faster than any old person on the planet appreciates. Ask one. They’ll tell you. Fine. Time doesn’t move any faster or slower – our experience of it changes. Whatev. A friend of mine andContinue reading “Time Machines are Unnecessary”

The Art of ‘Letting Go’

Ever tell someone to do that? Ever say to yourself “I just need to let go.” and then wonder why – after two months – you’re still hurting over it/her/him/whatever? Jeez. How mysteriously annoying! I’ve said it and had it said to me numerous times. It is a mystery – the pain that refuses toContinue reading “The Art of ‘Letting Go’”