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Please Leave A Message At The Sound Of The Tone. I’m Working On My Trust Issues.

Ooooo. That’s right. Building trust takes time. And patience. And awareness. And – yeah – not words. Don’t tell me to trust you or that I CAN Trust you because if I could have I WOULD HAVE ALREADY DONE IT. Trust isn’t a matter of just deciding to do it. It’s not as simple as choosingContinue reading “Please Leave A Message At The Sound Of The Tone. I’m Working On My Trust Issues.”

When It Comes To Your Sobriety Do You Feel Understood?

Have you ever felt like you’ve wasted your time, energy and breath trying to explain something to someone who just cannot seem to GET IT? And you wonder something like “How is it possible that no matter what I say, she/he just cannot seem to grasp it? How am I explaining this wrong? What elseContinue reading “When It Comes To Your Sobriety Do You Feel Understood?”

My Dad Quit Drinking For His Wife.

My stepmother had to stop drinking because she was an alcoholic. She went to residential treatment for her problem and has never had another sip of alcohol. My dad, because he didn’t want to do anything that might tempt her, and because he loves and supports her, quit drinking alcohol even though he’s not anContinue reading “My Dad Quit Drinking For His Wife.”

How Do You Support An Addict?

The ways are numerous, but first – I think the most important thing is to ask your heart to have a little sit down with your conscience. Those two things need to come together in agreement to support YOU before you can comfortably offer support to your addict. Once you establish what you can andContinue reading “How Do You Support An Addict?”