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How Do We Know If/When We’re Handling Stress Constructively?

How am I supposed to man-handle my stress if it’s attached to my unconscious mental iceberg and I’m not even aware it’s down there? Huh?! I think that what I’ve been doing recently is shoveling my stress into my unconscious and letting THAT have a go at it. And it isn’t working out. And it’sContinue reading “How Do We Know If/When We’re Handling Stress Constructively?”

Wait, What? It’s Called LIFE?

I find it amusing when I read other addicts moan on and on about how stressors continue to besiege them on a somewhat regular basis. I think to myself, “Get OFF your pity Potty already. It’s called LIFE. Wake up!” Perhaps this aggressive or overly assertive stance is too much for the more fragile personality.Continue reading “Wait, What? It’s Called LIFE?”