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What EXACTLY Is The Function Of A Guardian Angel?

Especially in light of the duties of our spirit guides? I’ll try to keep this short. It’s Saturday and everyone’s got stuff to do. Okay, first who coined this term Guardian Angel? The name itself implies there’s some guarding going on. But guarding from whom? From what? How does our Angel do this? Especially whenContinue reading “What EXACTLY Is The Function Of A Guardian Angel?”

How To Determine Your Spirit Guide

First, know that your guides change – all the time – unlike your GA (Guardian Angel) who not only is with your for the duration of your lifetime – it never changes. We are always accompanied by the same Angel. How do we recognize our Spirit Guides? They present themselves to us. They can comeContinue reading “How To Determine Your Spirit Guide”

Worms Are Squishy

They’re spirit guides (in addition to other things like bird snacks) – did you know that? Not permanently of course because spirit guides are always changing (spirit guides come and go as opposed to our spirit totem and guardian angel, who hang out with us for the duration). Apparently, right now, I’m being guided byContinue reading “Worms Are Squishy”