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Please Leave A Message At The Sound Of The Tone. I’m Working On My Trust Issues.

Ooooo. That’s right. Building trust takes time. And patience. And awareness. And – yeah – not words. Don’t tell me to trust you or that I CAN Trust you because if I could have I WOULD HAVE ALREADY DONE IT. Trust isn’t a matter of just deciding to do it. It’s not as simple as choosingContinue reading “Please Leave A Message At The Sound Of The Tone. I’m Working On My Trust Issues.”

Sticky Notes Cover The Bathroom Mirror

They all say the same thing, “Right Attitude.” I take my coffee with Hazelnut Creamer and I take my days with the right attitude. If there’s a problem, I do my part to fix it, If someone needs to be called, I call, If I need to take care of something, I do it, IfContinue reading “Sticky Notes Cover The Bathroom Mirror”

Grossly Negligent

Why is it so easy for some folks to instantly accept and believe people they respect without questioning them? Why does someone’s title make them an authority on a subject they’ve never even experienced first hand before? Why are we so timid sometimes when it comes to voicing our own beliefs and opinions and standingContinue reading “Grossly Negligent”

The Art of ‘Letting Go’

Ever tell someone to do that? Ever say to yourself “I just need to let go.” and then wonder why – after two months – you’re still hurting over it/her/him/whatever? Jeez. How mysteriously annoying! I’ve said it and had it said to me numerous times. It is a mystery – the pain that refuses toContinue reading “The Art of ‘Letting Go’”