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Are You Willing To Pay?

Getting sober isn’t for the timid. Once those of us who abused alcohol to the point of no return decide we want to be sober – getting sober is going to cost us. Detoxing from alcohol is painful, draining, scary and lonely. Alcoholics who want to get sober have to be willing to suffer. That’sContinue reading “Are You Willing To Pay?”

He Found His RHYTHM!!!

The Jerk Gettin Rhythm – Bing video (The whole film is just plain feel good, but these dance scenes of his are hilarious!) Once Navin found his rhythm, he could finally get his groove on out in the real world. The world of the living and doing and grooving. This is sort of how IContinue reading “He Found His RHYTHM!!!”

Sticky Notes Cover The Bathroom Mirror

They all say the same thing, “Right Attitude.” I take my coffee with Hazelnut Creamer and I take my days with the right attitude. If there’s a problem, I do my part to fix it, If someone needs to be called, I call, If I need to take care of something, I do it, IfContinue reading “Sticky Notes Cover The Bathroom Mirror”