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I Almost Didn’t Make It To My Car.

My legs started to buckle about 20 feet from my car. My car was the only car in the entire parking lot when I’d first arrived, and I’d parked it in a spot closest to the front door next to the handicapped parking. When I left the store, a cop car sat parked in theContinue reading “I Almost Didn’t Make It To My Car.”

Busted – Again pt 3

Continued from 3 August 2020 The following is an excerpt from my book Saturation. I studied my handcuffs as we drove away. They were heavy and cumbersome, which made dialing and holding my cell phone awkward. Calling Dad was no easy feat, but I managed. “Hello?” He answered on the first ring. “Hey, Dad! I’mContinue reading “Busted – Again pt 3”