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Do You Get Drunk Around Your Kids? Did A Parent Get Lit Around You?

I got trashed around my kids when they were young. And today – I’m paying for it. We communicate, my kids and I, but our relationships are strained. More-so with my oldest who remembers things clearly. Today my kids are 25 and 31. I really put my drinking on the starting line when my oldestContinue reading “Do You Get Drunk Around Your Kids? Did A Parent Get Lit Around You?”

My Word of the Day = MERCY

Manageability Emotions Rational Comfort Yellow Sobriety brings the above traits, which I’m learning how to incorporate into my personality, including the color yellow, to light in my awareness. I’m certainly not blue. Know what I mean? If I were to show mercy (I’m really the only person I feel in the position to show mercyContinue reading “My Word of the Day = MERCY”

The Universe Has Something To Say. Are You Listening?

First, we’re hit with this overwhelming Urge to drink. It’s worse and more intense than being thirsty for a glass of water. Non alcoholics can’t relate to just how powerful this Urge is because there’s not a thing like it on the planet. It’s a stand alone sensation. The only sensation that is worthy ofContinue reading “The Universe Has Something To Say. Are You Listening?”