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Wait. Which God Are We Talking About?

You say “My God does such and such for me…” Or, “My God would never …”as though your God came into existence at the same time you did. Does your God have a name? Is your God a male or a female? How’d that work out? Did you pick the gender of your God? DidContinue reading “Wait. Which God Are We Talking About?”

Am I Sober or Am I In Recovery?

What’s the difference? It’s BIG. Is there a difference? YES. To be sober – one needs to stop swallowing alcohol. That’s it. To be in recovery – one needs to become a non-drinker. These are two very different positions to take. The first is a change in outward behavior. Don’t pick up a drink. TheContinue reading “Am I Sober or Am I In Recovery?”