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Hitler and his Dog

Hitler loved his dog. Not possible – the love part, right? Wrong. Apparently he was quite fond of this animal. And he shot it just before he committed suicide with Eva. He knew what might happen to his dog if it was still alive when he got captured, so he killed his pet. Eva alsoContinue reading “Hitler and his Dog”

Am I The Culmination Of Everything I’ve Said And Done? Or – What?

No. I have to be more. Why? Because I keep adding to my Jennifer Place resume. Who I am is all sorts of good juicy stuff that includes: what I’ve said and done in the past, not said and not done, what I say and do now, and how I think. I am my attitudeContinue reading “Am I The Culmination Of Everything I’ve Said And Done? Or – What?”

What Does It Look Like If You’re Loved TOO MUCH?

Maybe the better question is, what does it feel like? What does the line look like that divides love from obsession – or at the very least – preoccupation? How are we supposed to step away from it if we can’t identify it? Jeez! Think about it. If someone is, at the very least, preoccupiedContinue reading “What Does It Look Like If You’re Loved TOO MUCH?”

My Dad Quit Drinking For His Wife.

My stepmother had to stop drinking because she was an alcoholic. She went to residential treatment for her problem and has never had another sip of alcohol. My dad, because he didn’t want to do anything that might tempt her, and because he loves and supports her, quit drinking alcohol even though he’s not anContinue reading “My Dad Quit Drinking For His Wife.”

The Art of ‘Letting Go’

Ever tell someone to do that? Ever say to yourself “I just need to let go.” and then wonder why – after two months – you’re still hurting over it/her/him/whatever? Jeez. How mysteriously annoying! I’ve said it and had it said to me numerous times. It is a mystery – the pain that refuses toContinue reading “The Art of ‘Letting Go’”

The Unicorns Are Gone

The highlights of drinking used to be downright merriment. I was social. I was cute. I was happy. I was bouncy. I pranced with the Unicorns. And though I’ve never used the term, “Liquid Gold” is often used to describe the euphoric affects of alcohol. Personally, I prefer “Lovely Sedation” or “Bliss”. Too damn badContinue reading “The Unicorns Are Gone”