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An Analogy:

Okay. You know how when you’re taking a walk and you say to yourself, “Damn, I should have taken the car! I’d be there by now!” Well – there are no fast ways to reach sobriety and all that it entails. Because it’s a process. There are numerous steps involved – just like when youContinue reading “An Analogy:”

Would You Have Sex With An Android?

Ew. That idea makes me uncomfortable. First, I should note here that androids and humanoids are not the same things. While humanoids are considered robots, androids are considered humanoid robots but with more aesthetical appeal due to the addition of organic materials. It’s a little complicated, but worth the read. Click the red word. IContinue reading “Would You Have Sex With An Android?”

The Windshield is Bigger Than the Rear View Mirror For a Reason

Ever think about that? How often do we drive backward? Right?! This is an exceptional analogy in relation to the directions we follow in our own lives. How can we move forward if we’re always focused on stuff that happened yesterday or last month or last year? The rear view mirror certainly has it’s purposesContinue reading “The Windshield is Bigger Than the Rear View Mirror For a Reason”

The Unicorns Are Gone

The highlights of drinking used to be downright merriment. I was social. I was cute. I was happy. I was bouncy. I pranced with the Unicorns. And though I’ve never used the term, “Liquid Gold” is often used to describe the euphoric affects of alcohol. Personally, I prefer “Lovely Sedation” or “Bliss”. Too damn badContinue reading “The Unicorns Are Gone”