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Are You DRUNK Right Now?

Are you thinking you want to get sober because your life SUCKS? Yeah. I’ve been there. Check this out. Here’s what you no longer have to worry about if you choose to stop swallowing alcohol… When you’re sober, you will NOT: Drunk dial anyone, drive drunk, pass out, black out, experience hangovers, spend hard-earned moneyContinue reading “Are You DRUNK Right Now?”

How Do We Know If/When We’re Handling Stress Constructively?

How am I supposed to man-handle my stress if it’s attached to my unconscious mental iceberg and I’m not even aware it’s down there? Huh?! I think that what I’ve been doing recently is shoveling my stress into my unconscious and letting THAT have a go at it. And it isn’t working out. And it’sContinue reading “How Do We Know If/When We’re Handling Stress Constructively?”

How Best To Unite?

We need to start using our brains and employing a little intelligence rather than using words that bring to mind physical engagement. Rather than trying to convert the other group, which only causes them to drag their heels and dig in further, we need to figure out how to walk away and let them catchContinue reading “How Best To Unite?”

What To Expect In Residential Treatment.

The following is a list of things I either received, experienced or witnessed, in order of frequency, from all seven of my treatment centers combined. Hold on to your hats… Drama – SO much drama Noise (crying, laughing, yelling, music, etc…treatment centers are very loud.) Deceit (folks lying to themselves, to others or to me.)Continue reading “What To Expect In Residential Treatment.”