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I never would have guessed it’s possible to love an animal as much as I loved my dog. I might even love him more now – if that’s possible. I got him when he was only nine weeks old and he stayed with us until he was 16. I don’t know that I’ll ever getContinue reading “Rumi”

You Never Know When Your Car Is Going To Catch On Fire.

With you inside. It’s not a good feeling. That happened to me. I was driving out to the coast with my dog in the front seat when I decided to pull off the road and grab a nap. When I woke up, I was unable to drive the car forward. It was stuck. So, IContinue reading “You Never Know When Your Car Is Going To Catch On Fire.”

In Reference To My Sweet Pooh

Unless I use this word – gentle – in reference to my dog, it makes me squirm. It encompasses an attitude, a demeanor, a state or quality, an approach that makes me most uncomfortable. The word reminds me of things that are meek, passive, weak … mild mannered and soft natured. But gentleness isn’t anyContinue reading “In Reference To My Sweet Pooh”