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I Need To Piggyback Off My Last Post (AA – Step 9.)

Just because we want to make an amends and clear the air doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do or that the person we want to make the amends to wants to hear it. Timing. Integrity. Boundaries – ours and theirs. Dignity. Consideration. These words deserve our attention. I think a lot of usContinue reading “I Need To Piggyback Off My Last Post (AA – Step 9.)”

When I Don’t Know What To Do, I

Stop breathing. Only for a second. I think real hard and squish my eyebrows together in concentration. And then I start the mental process of elimination – regarding the issue at hand – and I keep going until I have nothing left but one choice. Sometimes, I even have to write it all down soContinue reading “When I Don’t Know What To Do, I”