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I Need To Piggyback Off My Last Post (AA – Step 9.)

Just because we want to make an amends and clear the air doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do or that the person we want to make the amends to wants to hear it. Timing. Integrity. Boundaries – ours and theirs. Dignity. Consideration. These words deserve our attention. I think a lot of usContinue reading “I Need To Piggyback Off My Last Post (AA – Step 9.)”

You Need To Move Your Bad Breath Away From Me And My Artwork.

The following is an excerpt from my book, Saturation: A Memoir. The night aide was new. That she was trying to overcome her boredom, which I could understand because there was nothing to do at 1:00 a.m., by occupying her time with me and the other two residents was annoying. She should have brought aContinue reading “You Need To Move Your Bad Breath Away From Me And My Artwork.”

Emotional Distance

Aren’t those two words just brilliant together?! Emotional Distance. If only I’d employed a little of that at the beginning of my alcoholic career, I might never have become an alcoholic in the first place. I might never have developed my emotional attachment to alcohol. Oh well. I didn’t think to put those two wordsContinue reading “Emotional Distance”