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Why Are Relapses Blamed on Triggers? And What’s A Trigger Anyway?

Does the word ‘trigger’ suggest that addicts sometimes act unaware of emotions that are driving their behaviour? Unfortunately – yes. Does this mean addicts are powerless over their drug of choice? No – it suggests they’re temporarily powerless over their ability to control themselves. There’s a huge difference. But I don’t think this happens veryContinue reading “Why Are Relapses Blamed on Triggers? And What’s A Trigger Anyway?”

And You Wonder How You Got There.

Where we are in life is a result of choices we’ve made. I read, on a regular basis, that folks are unhappy with the situations they’re in. These situations range from marriage and partnership to jobs and freedom. It’s weird. The way I see it – nearly everything we do is the result of aContinue reading “And You Wonder How You Got There.”

My Word of the Day = MERCY

Manageability Emotions Rational Comfort Yellow Sobriety brings the above traits, which I’m learning how to incorporate into my personality, including the color yellow, to light in my awareness. I’m certainly not blue. Know what I mean? If I were to show mercy (I’m really the only person I feel in the position to show mercyContinue reading “My Word of the Day = MERCY”

Step 8 ~ “Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends …

…To Them All.” From AA. ~~~~ I’m willing. But how can I tell if they feel or felt harmed? Do I ask – like – everyone I ever knew? That’s a lot of people – at least 26 to be sure. Alina, Bethany, Cindy, Delores, Frank, Grant, Harold, Iggy, Jake, Kitty, Loraine, Missy, Nadine, Oscar,Continue reading “Step 8 ~ “Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends …”

Oooh! Oooh! I Discovered A New Analogy!

Okay! You know how when you’re driving along, looking through the windshield, you say to yourself (pretend if this doesn’t apply to you, okay?!) “Damn, I can’t see shit!” Well, who knows for how long icky, greasy, gunk has been building up on the inside of your windshield, and because you only clean the outside,Continue reading “Oooh! Oooh! I Discovered A New Analogy!”

Aw, Shit! I Took The Bait. Again.

Ever wonder why and how you manage to continually find yourself with the hook in your mouth? Ever ask yourself, “Why is it so insanely hard for me to get away from this person/situation? Why do I feel I have to react to every freaking thing this person says or does?” This person being anyoneContinue reading “Aw, Shit! I Took The Bait. Again.”

Time Spent with the BMOC

Yes, I’m talking about God. For whatever reason, the idea to resume my meditation practice has been noticeably present in my brain since yesterday. This idea to meditate popped up in there again this morning, so I’ve decided I better act on it. I think this might be considered Jennifer is listening to her intuitionContinue reading “Time Spent with the BMOC”