Check This Out: We’re Always Free To Change Our Minds

Anytime. Over anything. Over anyone (including ourselves). 🙂 I’ve come to believe that when we change our minds, our attention shifts, and then we shift – internally. This is something like rearranging our internal living room furniture. And it’s not inconsequential. We can change our minds about whether or not we want fries or onionContinue reading “Check This Out: We’re Always Free To Change Our Minds”

I’ll Lay Down So You Can Hit Me With The Truth.

I don’t care what the truth is – give it to me. Even if I have to lay down for it. I’m ready. Don’t leave out A N Y T H I N G. Remember that Matthew McConaughey movie, Interstellar, where that robot is programmed to tell just 90% of the truth because humans areContinue reading “I’ll Lay Down So You Can Hit Me With The Truth.”

Dry Drunk?! Who Coined THAT Term?

Happy people focus on what they have. Unhappy people focus on what they don’t have. It makes sense. Who said “See that guy over there? He’s been sober for 22 years and he’s just a miserable SOB. All the time. I’m going to call him a Dry Drunk and hope everyone else catches on.” AndContinue reading “Dry Drunk?! Who Coined THAT Term?”

In Reference To My Sweet Pooh

Unless I use this word – gentle – in reference to my dog, it makes me squirm. It encompasses an attitude, a demeanor, a state or quality, an approach that makes me most uncomfortable. The word reminds me of things that are meek, passive, weak … mild mannered and soft natured. But gentleness isn’t anyContinue reading “In Reference To My Sweet Pooh”

Through Louisiana and Up Past Canada

That’s what a friend of mine just said about my verbal deliveries. He said that I gather momentum and power and – POW!! SUCKER PUNCH THAT INFORMATION! As he said this he demonstrated with his arm … dropped it to the ground and did a mock roundhouse sucker punch to my right temple. “Am IContinue reading “Through Louisiana and Up Past Canada”

Okay Then. Who Has A Shitty Attitude?!

Perhaps it’s that I find people in general to be most unnecessarily complicated and vexatious. For example – why might someone who indeed does manage to reach sobriety, only then switch their focus onto another drug? I ask thee (anyone) – WHY? So, to answer my own question since I’m alone with my kittens andContinue reading “Okay Then. Who Has A Shitty Attitude?!”

Wait, What? It’s Called LIFE?

I find it amusing when I read other addicts moan on and on about how stressors continue to besiege them on a somewhat regular basis. I think to myself, “Get OFF your pity Potty already. It’s called LIFE. Wake up!” Perhaps this aggressive or overly assertive stance is too much for the more fragile personality.Continue reading “Wait, What? It’s Called LIFE?”

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