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Where Are You Going?

Some folks are going crazy. Some folks are becoming sane. Some folks are going in circles. Some folks go backwards. Some folks try to go too many places at the same time. Some folks take the long-winded roads. Others take short cuts. Some folks only go somewhere in their minds. Some folks go to aContinue reading “Where Are You Going?”

You Think I Can’t Do It? Watch Me.

Alcoholics don’t need to be told what they can’t do. First of all – it’s nobody’s place to tell another person what they cannot do. And second of all – regardless the remoteness of success – alcoholics deserve to be told what they CAN do. Whether they might fail or not is beside the point.Continue reading “You Think I Can’t Do It? Watch Me.”

Repetition Is Not My Cup Of Tea.

I might make it two weeks – repeating the same things – before I start rolling my eyes and trying not to pull out the hair I have left. There are numerous avenues that I could take around this subject- repetition – but I’m going to pick just one. It’s called “Hush up a minuteContinue reading “Repetition Is Not My Cup Of Tea.”