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Drinking is a choice ~

~So is getting sober.

My first book, Saturation – A Memoir, is available on Amazon. My second memoir is currently under construction. Stay tuned! (10/8/20)


I created this blog for several reasons. I intend to use it to help myself stay focused on my own recovery. I’m also hoping that my experiences over twenty three years with alcohol and drinking, relapses, hangovers, withdrawal, the DTs, hospitals, jails, treatment centers, relationships, and relocations hasn’t all been for nothing. Perhaps my experiences will provide another addict or newly sober person with ideas and the inspiration needed to begin their own sober journey. If getting and staying sober can be called just one thing – it’s a journey.

The decision to stop drinking was a hard one for me because by the time I actually did stop, I had only two options left: drink more and face death or stop drinking and endure withdrawal (which is excruciatingly brutal). I’m a Libra and weighing decisions is what I do best, but this situation had me in a pickle because neither of my choices looked good. At the time, I felt like I was having to choose between the lesser of two evils. Of course today, my choice to get sober was the only logical thing to do.

My decision to finally get sober took place at home. I chose not to detox under medical supervision only because I knew what to expect. And on this note, I’m going to add that choosing to detox without any support can be extremely dangerous. Please do your research.

~ All things being equal, the simplest explanation tends to be the right one. ~

Ever heard of Occam’s Razor?’s_razor When I applied this principle to getting sober – all things being equal – the simplest explanation was to simply stop swallowing alcohol. That’s it. No more meetings (been there done that), no more books on alcoholism and addiction (read those), no more sponsors (had one – she was strict and I loved her), no more chips, no more counting days, no more pink cloud moments, no more blah blah blah. I quit swallowing alcohol and moved from sobriety into recovery. I chose life. Today, I’m more likely to get parked on by a Hippocorn than I am to pick up a drink. Stop swallowing alcohol. That’s all I had to do. Easier said than done – but I did it and if I can – everyone can.

Will power is programmed within each and every one of us. Just think of a three year old that wants some candy or doesn’t want to take a nap. Self-control on the other hand is learned. Drinking is just as much a choice as NOT drinking. If you want to get sober; if you want to stay sober – quit swallowing alcohol. Become a non drinker. That’s all anybody has to do.

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