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Who AM I? ðŸ¤—🥰😮😤🤪😣😴🙃🥴

Hi! I’m Jennifer, and I go by many labels including: Mom, Self-published Author, Certified Recovery and Life Coach (I also work as a sober companion with folks who prefer the company of a sober person while out and about in public.) , Wanna-be-Cook, Milk Chocolate Enthusiast, Non-drinker, Pet Parent, Avid Reader, and Curious Adventurer. I also enjoy writing, foot rubs, acupuncture, and using emoticons. 🤠 I consider myself a social-introvert.

I created this site with several intentions in mind: to expose some of my innermost thoughts to the world, to contribute something (hopefully) meaningful, to share snippets of my memoir, and to share my trials, tribulations, and solutions with those who are struggling to get and/or stay sober.

I’m using this space to affirm my beliefs and ideas in a public space. When I see what I’ve written in front of me, I’m reminded of things that are easy to forget due to everyday life stuff. When I reread my words, I begin to assemble them in a way that helps me manage my life. I do like organization. Life seems more manageable when things are organized, and it is curious how on one day something seems to fit into a particular space and then on another day it seems best situated elsewhere – whatever IT is. Odd.

You can do this, too; with your closet, with your life, with your drinking, with your words, with people, with anything…

What People Say

Be like water.

(Adapt, grow, change)

Bruce Lee

All things being equal, the simplest explanation tends to be the right one.

Occam’s Razor

I’m ready for a cookie.

Jennifer Place

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