Hitler and his Dog

Hitler loved his dog. Not possible – the love part, right? Wrong. Apparently he was quite fond of this animal. And he shot it just before he committed suicide with Eva. He knew what might happen to his dog if it was still alive when he got captured, so he killed his pet. Eva also had a dog and she killed hers, too!

Hitler understood that some people have violent tendencies and he didn’t want his animal to be tortured. But torturing and killing people was okay – in his mind. The extent to which some people are capable of acting out unfathomable violence is so extreme there are no words. Maybe there is one word. Evil. Evil is as mind-boggling as the Universe is BIG.

What really cranks me up is that Hitler was capable of having feelings of adoration toward his animal. What the fuck IS that? How could he be the person he was and also love his dog?

How is this possible?

I don’t get it.

Published by Jennifer

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