Check This Out: We’re Always Free To Change Our Minds


Over anything.

Over anyone (including ourselves).


I’ve come to believe that when we change our minds, our attention shifts, and then we shift – internally. This is something like rearranging our internal living room furniture. And it’s not inconsequential. We can change our minds about whether or not we want fries or onion rings with our burgers or we can change our minds about whether or not we believe in God. All sorts of subjects are on the table. Minor topics to major topics. When we change our minds and then act on these changes – they cause different outcomes. Think about it – of course they do. Ever say to yourself “What might have happened had I done that instead of this?”

When we decide to think differently about people, events, or situations, we’re changing our perceptions about them. Our ability to make choices and weigh options can be likened to a pendulum that swings in either direction, and covers all the area in-between, for the good or for the bad. Sometimes good folks do bad stuff and vice versa. Either way, this pendulum is always in motion – swaying. Sometimes it only moves a little bit near the center, and maybe that’s when things might feel or look boring, but this is life. It’s alive and always in a state of movement.

We know that some things are constant: the sun rises and sets because the earth rotates, people age, we need air, food, and water to live, etc. But – earthly scientific facts aside – one thing we can all rely on is change – whether it’s within our power or not. People change, the weather changes, situations change, our jobs change, our home environments change, etc. How we perceive and react to changes are on us. We have to own everything we do including what we think – which is a choice. We can either think for ourselves – independently – or be followers. Our perceptions of life and of ourselves are changeable. And because they are, it’s best to always think first before we ever do anything. At least in-as-much as we’re afforded.

All this said – I suggest that when things get rough, and it feels like life might never look up – we ought to keep rolling with the punches. We might not always understand why we are the way we are or why people and things are the way they are – but give yourself enough time and the tide will change. It always does. And if it’s not changing fast enough for you – move. Turn around and face another direction. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Sure enough, the second you change something about your own situation or perception, change will follow. This is cause and effect. And our lives are a reflection of our perceptions – not just what we see outside the front door, but what we ‘see’ and feel in our hearts.

Being human is a tough job. My guess? We’re all here to learn. So, we might as well do it with a positive attitude. When we learn to lift ourselves up, internally, people notice. Even if they can’t name it, they can sense it and they see it in our behaviour. Sometimes they’re even moved, and this can be infectious – like Covid, but better. Goodness and positivity are contagious.

So, change your mind, change your perceptions, change your attitude and behavior, and infect others – with positivity – just by being you.


Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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