So – There’s This Guy I Know.

Some Guy

We were talking last night and he mentioned that he’d either heard or read that all humans alive today are here by incredible odds. The odds of any of us waking up – again – this morning are about the same as the odds of TWO MILLION people throwing a ONE TRILLION sided dice – and each dice landing on the same number.

That is some unlikely shit right there. Astronomical odds.

Think about the number of ancestors that came before you. This is thousands upon thousands upon thousands of your distant relatives. If anything had interrupted their life span before it actually did – you wouldn’t be alive. You would not exist.

Wow. Just – wow.

And when we do have the privilege or luck or the good genes to live a long life – we don’t have to worry about living forever (thank God, because life is a bit grueling and tiresome), because life takes care of that for everyone. We all have a temporary pass down here to traverse the planet and try to accomplish some stuff before we’re yanked back into the great womb. Again.

Just something to think on.

I for one appreciate the fact that I am still here after everything I’ve pulled. What are the chances of THAT? I could have gone POOF about a hundred times by now, but I haven’t. I didn’t. I’m still here.

I’m still freakin’ here. And these days I’m all too aware of the fact that my days aren’t guaranteed. I could go POOF anytime of any day. So – – – I’m doing my best. I continue to try to do the next right thing – by me.

Do you?

Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

4 thoughts on “So – There’s This Guy I Know.

  1. I lived it!!!! Just got 5 years myself and I feel great. So happy to be rid of that shit and all the pain and misery it causes. Hope you have filled your void wagon wheel.

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  2. I lived it!!!! Glad your sober. Just made 5 years myself and yes it feels GREAT!!!!! to be free of the fear and all the shit that comes with it. Hope your void is filled. Take care wagon wheel.


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