I Get It.

Some folks are absolutely terrified of life and some of them don’t even recognize it.

Life is scary sometimes. It’s not for the timid. There’s a lot we can’t control.

Imagine this: folks are like leaves drifting on ocean waves when a storm comes. Poor leaves. We get tossed and turned and dunked and whopped upside our – heads. We get pushed under waves and rolled along the bottom of the ocean floor. OW! And then – “WTF!?!? Is that a SHARK???!!!” Oh, the stress is just unrelenting. Until, of course when the sun comes out, which it ALWAYS does, and we get gently washed ashore where we can rest on the sand and dry out. Until the next wind comes, picks us up, and off we go…

So – what to do? Ride the waves. Learn to tread water until you get to dry land. Learn what it means to be the best you and then spend your life becoming it. Why not? What’s more important than that?

None of us has a guaranteed amount of time on this planet. I think we’re here to accomplish what we can – internally and externally – WHILE WE CAN. Turn off the TV and start listening. What do your heart and intuition say? Are they pointing toward a specific direction or action? If you think you’re being held back – how can you free yourself? There’s always a way.

Existing is easy. Living takes courage.

Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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