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What Does A Recovery Coach DO?

It’s disheartening to read about job openings on social media sites that are listed under the title of Recovery Coach (or something similar) that have absolutely zero duties that relate to actual coaching.

I’m not convinced that most folks know – exactly – what a recovery coach is supposed to do. We talk and listen. We communicate. We offer questions rather than suggestions – unlike counseling.

We ask clients what they think they need and then we dig – together.

We engage with clients in conversations that help them understand where they want to go in life and how to get themselves there. It’s a really cool process that is TOTALLY not counseling. It’s a conversation between coach and client versus being given direction from a counselor to a client. Big difference and much more in-depth because with coaching – clients find their own answers. It’s a much more self-propelling process.

Answers are not given – they’re discovered.

Someone’s OWN best thought-out answers to their dilemmas are always the best because they come from within. And THAT gives them value that no counselor or doctor or anyone else can offer.

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