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Who’s Bored?!

I’ve decided that strict routines are a recipe for mental disasters. They make me crazy. But, when I mix up my routines a bit, this changes my groove for the whole day.

I make small changes in the direction I take to get places, I change what I eat and where I eat it, I complete stuff from the bottom of the list first and go up instead of from the top, I wait to shower at the end of the day, I exercise after lunch instead of after breakfast, or I get up earlier just so I can read before I start my day. I switch up random stuff all the time, and small changes are all I have to do to make life more interesting.

And it’s all free. I’m not doing anything differently – I’m just coming at things differently. Small changes, like the small stuff in relationships, make big differences.

Granted, adventures out of town are the best, but we can’t all do that everyday. I’m just talking about not going to bed every night feeling like there’s got to be something MORE. Repetition is B O R I N G.

Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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