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Prayer IS An Action. But – – – Wait A Minute!

I see a lot of folks offering things like: “Pray about it.” Or “Connect with your higher power.” Or “Have you asked God for help?”

What I don’t see a lot of – and I’m talking about activity in rooms for addiction and/or recovery – is, “What have you done to try to fix this?” Or “What have you tried that didn’t work?” “What have you tried that DID work?” Or “What WILL you DO to address this?”

At some point, I think that in addition to prayer or outside of it altogether – we have to take responsibility for and ownership of whatever is going on that we’re praying about in the first place – and DO something about it. Usually, I see that people are praying for either help or answers. But even when we get an idea that we think might have come from God – don’t we have to act on it before it becomes something more than just a thought or idea?

I could be off here, but I don’t think God is in business of assisting some folks – in whatever way someone needs assistance – while NOT offering it to others.

Think about it.

Why, for example, would God help some child abuser avoid arrest/punishment while allowing the child to get hurt in the first place? There are loads of examples like this and it makes NO sense that God wouldn’t help people – vulnerable people – that are weak in the face of the more powerful. So – I conclude that God doesn’t work that way. We have choices and therein lies our power. And we are responsible for the things we do and don’t do – and for the things we say and don’t say. Making choices and our power to act on our decisions are our birthright.

When we’re on the right track in life – something inside us tells us. We just – KNOW.

And when we’re NOT on the right track in life – somehow – we know that too. And we’re given opportunity after opportunity to do something about it.

Listening to ourselves, making right choices and follow-through are key. When we stop over-thinking things to death or waiting for something from the outside to happen, and we starting doing something – a new reality is born. We change what was into something that IS. Like, for example, I used to drink and now I don’t. I stopped swallowing alcohol, no one did it for me – including God, and everything changed. Actually, my perception is what changed. But because of how monumental that is – it feels like EVERYTHING changed. It’s pretty cool.

Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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