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Are You DRUNK Right Now?

Are you thinking you want to get sober because your life SUCKS? Yeah. I’ve been there.

Check this out. Here’s what you no longer have to worry about if you choose to stop swallowing alcohol…

When you’re sober, you will NOT:

Drunk dial anyone, drive drunk, pass out, black out, experience hangovers, spend hard-earned money on booze, say regrettable things, DO regrettable things, fall down, hurt someone, forget things, go to jail, go to the hospital, send incomprehensible texts and emails, worry the people that care about you, lose your job, lose your drivers license, wreck your car, lose relationships, or lose your mind.

Look at all that crap!! That’s a shit ton of drama right there. That’s what abusing alcohol brings us. Is that fucked up or what?

Stop swallowing alcohol. Do something – anything – else. Just don’t hurt anyone.

THAT’S the answer. Everything ELSE you do to help you not swallow alcohol is just that – it’s help – it’s not the solution. The solution is to stop swallowing alcohol. Help equates to the toppings to your sober pizza.

Swallowing alcohol creates problems. It doesn’t solve them.


So, when the urge to drink hits, but that other part of you doesn’t want to drink – what do you do? A N Y T H I N G.

Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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