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What EXACTLY Is The Function Of A Guardian Angel?

That’s a lot of grains of sand…

Especially in light of the duties of our spirit guides?

I’ll try to keep this short. It’s Saturday and everyone’s got stuff to do.

Okay, first who coined this term Guardian Angel? The name itself implies there’s some guarding going on. But guarding from whom? From what? How does our Angel do this? Especially when the things we most likely need to be guarded from are tangible and our Angels are NOT. (That I know of). Aren’t they invisible?

And second – if our Guardian Angel has the job of guarding, and our Spirit Guides have the duty of Guiding – I mean I get it, one guards while the others guide. But is the job of looking after a human SO humongous we need both entities? Or numerous entities? Why only one Guardian Angel but numerous Spirit Guides? What happens when one Spirit Guide wants to do one thing for me and another wants to do something that contradicts thh first one? Then what happens? If they’re all always on the same page, why do I need or get more than one? Do they take naps?

I mean – we only have ONE spirit that needs guidance. AmIRight? So – this all seems a bit much.

And if we’re all so guarded and guided, why do so many of us get into so much trouble all the time? If it weren’t for our Angels and Guides – would the human race have already wiped itself off the planet?

Is their work THAT subtle? Maybe. Who knows.

I must concede that because I do not know something doesn’t mean it’s not going on. And I for one would feel pretty teensy-eensy insignificant if I didn’t think I had something out there who/that has my back. I already know I’m about as significant as that grain of sand on that beach across that ocean over in that other corner of the planet.

But if I don’t matter – if I don’t count – then what the fuck am I doing here?

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