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Where’s Your Comb? Take It One Tangle At A Time.

Be your own comb. Only you know how best how to work your comb through your own hair. Stop giving away your power by handing your comb to someone else. Find your own answers. It’s impossible to conceive a question about something having to do with your own abilities without also having the answer – somewhere.


Isn’t the title to this post great? I just had that epiphany last night as I was trying to fall back to sleep.

Life is tangly. Like long tangled hair. If we try to yank a comb through it all at once, that will really hurt – and yank out a huge wad of hair. Something we desperately want to keep for as long as possible. We work on Life much more effectively when we’re sober and take it one thing at a time. If we gently work through our tangles on one side of our head and then move to the tangles on the other side – by the time we reach 97, all of our tangles should be out. Mostly.


Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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