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First I have To Find Them – Then I have To Stuff Them In There …

Buster and Starla

Usually, one of them, Starla, is hiding under the couch (see photo below) not on the floor, but inside the bottom of the couch. They’ve shredded it. Buster likes to play chase with me when I’m ready to get him in the stroller. He doesn’t chase me – he runs away. By the time I catch him, I consider that at least half of my workout for the day.

Getting them in their stroller is sort of like getting my butt into an old pair of jeans I fit into before I got sober. Just because I can hoist them up doesn’t mean they fit. I manage though – and so do they. It’s a snuggly fit.

They get all cozy-like and stay that way for about 100 yards down the bike path before they start trying to claw their way out. I just bought their stroller about two months ago. However, you would never guess this by looking at it. The sheer destruction they’ve unleashed upon it is impressive.

Purchased 12/20

I won’t declaw them though because it’s my understanding that this is a very painful procedure. Plus – if I declawed the cats, I wouldn’t have a good excuse to buy a new couch all the time. Below is a photo of my most recent purchase with half of the guilty party just waking from her beauty nap.

New couch – a trim just doesn’t undo the damage.

Who can afford to buy a new couch every three months?! Not me! So I go with Wayfair – cheap and cute! And they deliver!

You might be saying to yourself, “Why do I care about this?” I’m asking myself the same thing. You probably don’t. 😁

Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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