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AA Step 4 ~Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

This is probably my favorite step in AA. I’ve practiced this so regularly it’s something I do without even thinking about it. I think another way to put this step would be to write it as “Stop lying to yourself. The only fool here is you.”

This step is a terrific way to not only get to know myself, I am continually learning how to be my own best friend (in as much as that’s possible). And I deserve me. Because I like me. I’m a good person.

None of us is perfect. Not even Jesus was perfect. Plenty of folks disliked him, amiright? He was murdered. That said – I like to believe there are a lot of folks out there that are honestly interested in being their own best person in their life. All the time. It doesn’t really take a lot of effort to be honest. The truth is always – JUST THERE. Shit is what it is. Fabricated details aren’t necessary.

The process of uncovering our own truths is an enlightening experience, to say the least. It’s good to get to know who we really are and aren’t. It’s a confidence builder. Nothing bad happens with this discovery. And the cool part about this step is that it’ll be ongoing if we let it. Like a river flows, so does our internal education about ourselves, people, and life.

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I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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