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I Like Chocolate. A Lot. In All Forms.

Milk chocolate is my favorite. Chocolate chip cookies, chocolate ice-cream, chocolate swirl ice cream, Hershey’s Kisses, Lindt milk chocolate, Fudge, Chocolate Syrup over all things non-savory, Whatchamacallits, Rollo’s, chocolate cake, chocolate pie, and chocolate shakes. Did I forget anything? Chocolat is better than alcohol because it won’t (not likely anyway) kill me nor does itContinue reading “I Like Chocolate. A Lot. In All Forms.”

How Do We Know If/When We’re Handling Stress Constructively?

How am I supposed to man-handle my stress if it’s attached to my unconscious mental iceberg and I’m not even aware it’s down there? Huh?! I think that what I’ve been doing recently is shoveling my stress into my unconscious and letting THAT have a go at it. And it isn’t working out. And it’sContinue reading “How Do We Know If/When We’re Handling Stress Constructively?”