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Where Did You Get That Guarantee? And Who Wrapped It?

I’m starting to realize that one thing Life doesn’t offer is guarantees. And if Life doesn’t offer them, how the hell can a person or a group offer and then uphold them? Think about it. Are we really, truly, honestly, shits and giggles aside, ever guaranteed anything?

And if we’re not, does this make us all gamblers? Taking chance after chance on this or that or him or her or that job or this house or that city or this cookie?

What if this happens? Or what if that happens? Or what if she doesn’t do or say or think this? Or what if that happens to him? Or what if such and such happens to – God forbid – ME? Then what?! I’m astonished we’re not ALL on Xanax. But what does this say about those of us who just walk around everyday as though everything’s right and dandy in the Universe? Pft!

Or wait. Maybe it is. Maybe everything IS right in the Universe regardless how unbalanced I am or how things appear to me. Well, HM.

I guess this just means we’re all supposed to roll out of bed every morning, hoping for the best with the awareness, and even the expectation, that the unexpected might either bless or befall us. Something’s got to happen either way – right?

The human experience is such a risky endeavor.

Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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