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What’s So Bad About Rehab?

Put your blinders on and just DO IT.

That’s right – going to rehab raises a plethora of fears. Like:

Breaking old routines.

Time away from family.

Loss of relationship/s (this could turn out to be a good thing in some cases).

Fear of getting to know yourself and what that implies.

Rehab isn’t cheap.

The food isn’t always spectacular.

Unless you’re very very very rich, you’ll have to share a bedroom with at least one person.

They might not allow headphones.

Confronting the stigma attached to addiction and treatment

Facing the lies you’ve told (to others and yourself).

Confronting your excuses.

Learning time management skills.

Being approached by folks who knows more than you do.

Becoming open to new ideas and perspectives that threaten your relationship with alcohol and drinking.

Realizing that the world you left before you entered rehab – needs to stay in the past.


At the very least, the upside to going to rehab is that your drug of choice is out of reach for the duration of your stay. Or – – – at least it’s supposed to be. This time apart from your drug gives your brain an opportunity to air out. In turn, this affords the alcoholic or addict opportunities to say and do things that are intelligent, respectable, honorable, and honest. And THAT is what builds our momentum toward and confidence in sobriety.

Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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