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He Peed On The Guest Bed. Again.


My 9 month old Tomcat has started to pee on my guest bed. I just discovered that he’s done it again this morning – for the 3rd time in two weeks. And his freaking cat box is two feet from the bed. AND IT’S CLEAN. I clean that thing religiously – and STILL he pees on the bed. I haven’t had him fixed – yet – but he does have an appointment for this next month. I don’t know what to do. I’ve sprayed the bed with Better Homes & Gardens Essential Oil Infused with Frankincense & Patchouli AROMATHERAPY (smells really good) and he’s still peeing on it. 🤔

I finally stripped the bed for good and tipped it on its side against the wall.

What’s a cat parent to do? I took the earliest vet appointment available. Email me at if you think you can help. Please!😶

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