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No, Actually, You DON’T Get It!

A Temporary Home

Alcoholics, Addicts and a few others don’t seem to fully comprehend the fact that their existence on our planet is temporary. As in – there is no more waking up. No more coming around. No more snapping back into it. No more pulling it together. No more chances.

My age definitely has something to do with my choice to get and to stay sober this time around. It pains me a great deal to look back on the two decades I gave away to drinking alcohol. Gone. Poof. Vanished. Never to be recaptured. Time lost with my family. Time lost with friends and lovers. time lost with myself doing cool shit like, oh – I don’t know – exploring the planet! But most importantly – time lost with my sons. I started drinking when they were both very young and today – they’re both old enough to make me a grandmother.


While I love the idea of being called Grandma, it’s excruciating to think about the chunks of time during my sons’ youth that I canNOT get back.

I wonder, if folks really grasped the concept that one day they will no longer be taking up space down here on this spinning ball we call home, might they do something about their behavior, and how they treat themselves and other people? If folks would capture this concept and bring it into their BEING – what would they change? What could they change if they started behaving like they’re only visitors here? Wow. That’s all we are – visitors.

Where does this illusion of permanence come from?

I don’t know.

I think most folks walking around will tell anyone, “Yes, I know I’m going to die someday,” but they don’t really believe that day will ever arrive or they haven’t fully integrated the concept in the first place and concluded that they too are going to poof out just like everyone else.

Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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