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What To Expect In Residential Treatment.

Betty Ford

The following is a list of things I either received, experienced or witnessed, in order of frequency, from all seven of my treatment centers combined. Hold on to your hats…

Drama – SO much drama

Noise (crying, laughing, yelling, music, etc…treatment centers are very loud.)

Deceit (folks lying to themselves, to others or to me.)


Education on addiction.


Compassion (sometimes)




Arrogance/superiority from residents or staff.

Residential treatment is an experience like no other. In my experience, staff, not the facility, makes or breaks the reputation of a rehab. The attitudes and personalities of the staff will make a person’s stay there either wonderful or a nightmare. Staff controls this element of the treatment experience, which is enormous. I cannot stress that enough. My favorite treatment center in terms of the setting and physical aesthetics was in Florida. That was my 4th treatment center. The grounds and our living quarters were peaceful and beautiful and relaxing. And the staff was absolutely horrid. They ruined the entire experience for me.

They made my time there so awful, I left four days early and relapsed before I even got on the plane to go home.

If you or a loved one is thinking about residential treatment – do your research and READ THE REVIEWS!!

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