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Is It Easy? Well, Okay Then – I’ll Do It.

One Thing At A Time In There

I’ve come to see that the longer and harder I think about something I want to do – the harder it becomes to do it. I have no idea why this happens, but it does. When I want to exercise – getting myself to the gym becomes a huge undertaking. When I wanted to get sober – I wouldn’t stay sober. When I want to have something fantastic and special for dinner – I wind up eating cheese and crackers. When I need to do my laundry and wash the sheets, I find CHOPPED on Food Network and can’t seem to tear myself away from the TV. I have handfuls of examples like these. The more I think about things I want or need to do, the harder it becomes to do them. Overthinking requires no effort.

When I leave my thought bubble empty – I have nothing to discuss with myself. This is the answer. This is how I get things done now – I agree with what I decide I want or need to do – and then I don’t allow any other thoughts about it to enter that space in my head.

This experience – wanting something and then talking ourselves out of it because of the effort required to make it happen – is common. We do it to ourselves all the time. It’s weird. We seem to tend to think that getting things done is supposed to be easy. That’s we shouldn’t have to exert effort to invest in ourselves or our lives. I don’t know for sure how many people even consider that phrase, “Invest in myself.” What does that even mean? Right? It means if you want it – go get it. Go make it happen. Be the bowling ball.

I’m not sure how this happens, but it’s like a virus. This line of unhealthy thinking is prevalent. Why we place value on some things, like getting that bag of Cheetos, and not on others, like avoiding that alcohol, is a brain-cruncher. Being physically fit and healthy, being sober, making manifest images and ideas and creating – – – humans are so capable, but we trip ourselves up constantly. Our attitudes and this presumption that things or life should be easy causes huge problems. We won’t just follow through – instead, we overthink it to death, whatever it is.

Of course – not everyone runs into this dilemma. šŸ˜ƒ Maybe the rest of us are just lazy. But I have the sinking suspicion that a lot of folks might not appreciate being called lazy…So what is it? That’s right – it’s like a virus. Some folks catch it while others don’t.

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I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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