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One Can Never Be Too Tall In Jail.

As I edit my memoir, I’m reminded of all sorts of things I’ve forgotten over the years. I remember how I used to adjust my posture in jail, making myself taller, if only by a fraction. I’d reach both arms behind my back, clasp my hands together and then straighten my arms out behind me. This would pop and lengthen my spine so that when I’d drop my arms, my posture had been adjusted.

Having good posture in jail is noticeable. People pick up on that stuff. I obviously didn’t know this going in, but once my blockmates started commenting on it, well – I picked up on it real fast.

If you ever find yourself getting tossed in the pokey, make sure you correct your posture while you’re in there. Not only does it feel good physically, people notice that you’re not walking hunched over. Folks look like an easy target when they’re not standing up straight, and looking like an easy target is NOT the image one wants to give off in jail. It doesn’t matter how tall you are – people notice good posture in others.

Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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