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My Kitty Is Acting Drunk!

Surgery is stressful!

I just brought Starla home from the Vet earlier and the poor girl is unable to walk a straight line. She’s tipping over and falling into things. Bless her little sweet self! I hope this clears up soon. I bought a little fake Christmas tree this year, but have had to remove all of the decorations except the lights because she’s trying to eat them.

I had to get her fixed though. Obviously, this was the correct and responsible thing to do. I can’t have a house full of infant kittens. I already have two young cats and that’s all I can handle. These two keep me on my toes. My other kitty is male. I chose to get her fixed first because the Vet told me that if I got Buster fixed first, he could still impregnate Starla for up to two weeks after his surgery. That didn’t make much sense, but I didn’t bother to ask how that’s even possible.

Besides her tipping over, she won’t stop smelling everything. It’s as though she’s smelling everything for the first time. Even the carpet. And poor Buster – he doesn’t know what to make of her behavior. He’s just walking around meowing at things – looking for an answer, I guess. I’ve been trying to distract him.


Possibly by this weekend my house will return to normal where they both chase each other around at 3:00 a.m. and try to climb my wall tapestries.

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