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Would You Have Sex With An Android?


That idea makes me uncomfortable.

First, I should note here that androids and humanoids are not the same things. While humanoids are considered robots, androids are considered humanoid robots but with more aesthetical appeal due to the addition of organic materials. It’s a little complicated, but worth the read. Click the red word.

I cringe a little as I write this, probably because I’m trying to consider all sides to the equation. What might everyone be thinking as they read this? How could I even broach such a distasteful topic? Well – for the record – part of me wishes I wouldn’t. That same part of me is saying “What kind of person must I be to even consider a question like that? Would I have sex with a robot?!!!!! Of COURSE NOT!” Um. Hm.

I want to say I wouldn’t, but I don’t know if that’s entirely true, so I have to write that – I don’t know. Okay? It sounds like I’d be having sex with a human sized wind-up toy. But don’t some folks do just that? They pound away at blow-up toys don’t they? So why is this idea of having intimate relations with a robot any worse? JEEZ!

What I can say, at this stage in our technological infancy, is that I’m really glad I don’t have the option. But I wonder – will this be an option for my great great great great grandkids? Humans will be solely responsible for this creation if it comes about. What might we be getting ourselves into?

But think about it. WHAT IF – your android (pretend you have one just for shits and giggles) looked exactly like your ideal man or woman? You get to pick it’s ethnicity, height and weight. You choose it’s hair color and what language it speaks. You get to make it look like your version of sexy.

What if this thing could walk your dog? What if it could cook your meals and clean your house? What if it knew all your sweet spots and was good in bed? What if it did your grocery shopping? What if – considering how much you paid for it – it had a job that paid your bills? Woh!

Then – what would be left for US to do? Well, we could do all the things we never seem to find the time to do. Like: sleep, exercise, take a vacation, spend more time with our kids, read, learn stuff, and yada yada. Fill in the blank with your own stuff.

Isn’t that just – too weird? Would I have sex with a robot? Ugh. I want to say, “HELL NO! That’s just wrong!” But – what if – in addition to everything else, we could design our robot’s personality and behavior to be everything we wanted in a partner? What if it didn’t snore? Or fart in front of you? Or leave the toilet seat up? What if it was a good kisser? What if it could learn about us – our temperament, our wants and needs, our tendencies and short-comings? What if it could learn to anticipate? What if it was funny and had a sense of humor? What if we could tell it secrets with no fear of it betraying us? What if it could protect us physically?

What if looked like a person, smelled like a person, walked and talked like a person – had hair, nails, body parts – yada yada. What if it could fix the car and make a great Chicken Teriyaki? What if it always took out the trash without being asked? Just – – – stay with me. You get to design this thing to your specifications and the more you pay for it – the more it can do. AND – you can continue to plug cash into it’s system to add to its skill set. The perks are nearly infinite.

WOW. Am I the only one who’s ever thought of this? …

Published by Jennifer

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