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You DON’T KNOW?! (That’s Alright.)


I have to admit – – – I’m a bit fascinated by folk’s overwhelming tendency to rush to ‘know’ something they haven’t even bothered to think about. Instead, they’d rather stand on the shoulders of others who have thought about it and then take the credit. What’s even more interesting is that if these same folks had thought about it, they might discover they don’t even agree with it.

Ever notice yourself do that? It’s creates a strange sensation. I’ve done it. And then I had to ask myself, “What the hell was I just thinking? or “Why did I just say that? That’s not how I feel about that!” Yet, people do it all the time, and their only conclusion for saying or doing it is because other people are saying or doing it.

For example, I always check on the Denver Broncos game. I grew up watching them play because my dad loves the Broncos. I love my dad. He loves that team. Ipso Facto – I love the Broncos. Or – – – wait.


I feel like a total doofus sometimes, but I’ll be the first to say, “HUH?” or “I have no idea what you mean.” And I’ll mean it. Because I don’t know all sorts of stuff. If I knew about half of the things that fascinate me, I’d be one intellectually rich woman. But – I’m not. I’m only poor and very very curious.

I suppose this isn’t such a bad place to be, where I am, – I don’t have any responsibility concerning – whatever it is I’m curious about. I don’t have to own anything surrounding it except my question and what drives me to ask it. Because if there’s one thing I can rely on myself to do – it’s to raise my hand and ask a question.

You know how a lot of kids raise their hands when they know the answer? Well, I’m the kid who shoots up my hand because I want to yell, “I don’t know!” I’m guessing it’s because I believe the teacher will help me figure out the answer.

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