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My Dad Quit Drinking For His Wife.

My stepmother had to stop drinking because she was an alcoholic. She went to residential treatment for her problem and has never had another sip of alcohol. My dad, because he didn’t want to do anything that might tempt her, and because he loves and supports her, quit drinking alcohol even though he’s not an alcoholic.

Pretty sweet, eh? What a lucky woman. I wonder how many folks out there in a relationship with a problem drinker would stop drinking in support of their partner? That shows an awful lot of love and compassion. And strength. I don’t know that very many people would be willing to do that. People place too much importance on drinking and alcohol. Those two things are a really big deal in our society.

I know that now – because I’m sober – my choice is to be in a intimate partnership with another sober man. I won’t date a drinker. He and I will have to have our sobriety in common. We won’t have to have everything in common (that’d be boring) – but our mutual sobriety is a must-have.

Are you supported by your partner?


Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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