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You Never Know When Your Car Is Going To Catch On Fire.

Scary AND Unreal

With you inside.

It’s not a good feeling.

That happened to me. I was driving out to the coast with my dog in the front seat when I decided to pull off the road and grab a nap. When I woke up, I was unable to drive the car forward. It was stuck. So, I tried to back up and that didn’t work either. I began to rock the car thinking that this might give the car some momentum to propel it either forward or backward.


And then – out of nowhere – flames shot up from underneath the hood on the left side. It took me a noticeable instant to recognize what was happening. My car had just caught on fire – with me inside it. Smoke immediately filled the interior. I reached for the door handle, tried to push the door open and it wouldn’t budge more than about two inches. I was trapped. Somehow, unknowingly, I’d parked my car – not only in something I couldn’t get out of – I’d parked it up against something too. I was not having a good night at this point.

I opened the front passenger door, pushed my dog out onto the dirt road, climbed over the stick shift and emergency break, grabbed my purse, and rolled out of the car just as the entire front of my car became engulfed in flames. It was sort of hard to wrap my head around what was happening. This is not the sort of behavior one expects from their car. I definitely experienced some moments of “This is just extremely unfortunate and weird.”

My car was full of luggage, which was full of clothes, jackets, shoes and jewelry. And I stood there watching it all burn up before a woman drove by and shouted at me to get away from the car before it blew up. So I ran. My dog and I ran out to the main road that lead to the coast. And the FD arrived to put out the fire, but not before the car was completely engulfed.

That was nearly two years ago. Everything I lost has been replaced. I’m just thankful I was able to save myself and Rumi, my dog. I still haven’t bought another car. But I think the next one on my list is a Jeep!

I want THIS one.

Those are perty!!

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