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What’s The Point?!

Was God just fucking with us when s/he (it) made the Universe so ridiculously big? What is the point? WHY? That’s what I want the answer to. Answer me this,,,WHY is the universe soooooooo HUGE? For what purpose?

If I floated out in space next to the earth, I’d be so small in comparison as to not even be noticeable. Now – just take in the above photo. And all OUR PROBLEMS FEEL SO OVERWHELMING. It all seems rather ridiculous actually. I try and I cannot follow the plan behind all of it. It’s outside the scope of my – self. SNORT!!

Just look at this photo:

Galaxy Cluster

This is a galaxy cluster. These galaxies look like stars, but NOOOOOO. Galaxies are composed of millions and millions AND millions of stars. Sheesh. And there are millions and millions and millions of galaxies in our universe.

It all just seems a bit over the top.

I don’t know. Perhaps it’s there (here) to offer us hope. Perhaps it suggests that there’s a lot going on we’re not aware of, couldn’t possibly be aware of, and – we’re not supposed to have everything all figured out. At the very least, it certainly causes one to reflect on the whole heaven and hell concept though – doesn’t it? 🤨

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