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From here to there …

Okay – I have a friend who is really struggling to find his mental solid footing. He’s all over the mental map. He comes to me with questions and comments about things, and I’m saying all I know to help.

An example I recently used during a conversation we had about hope and goals was this: “See that traffic way out there? Okay – your hope is in your mind/chest area, but what you’re hoping FOR is way out there. (We don’t hope for things we already have – we hope for things we want). Now – while we can see that traffic out there – we’re still standing right here, right? You can see that traffic and you can hear it, but you’re not there, you’re here.

So – you have options. You can talk about getting there. You can talk about being there. But you’re never going to get there until you start walking. It’s called a process. And this process requires ACTION. There is a distance from here to there and within this distance is stuff that has a name – it’s called Life and you will encounter it. Stay focused on that traffic out there no matter what you encounter during your journey and you’ll make it. Get distracted along the way – you’ll wind up in Timbuktu.

Unfortunately, I don’t think he gets it. His perception seems to be locked on the things he wants instead of how to get TO the things he wants. This is a real challenge for me because the longer I stay sober, the clearer things become. And my friend here has 27 years of sobriety under his belt. But he’s broken and he knows it and I want to help him put some pieces back together, but it’s not working. 😥 And he’s suffering.

And I’m suffering. 😕

Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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