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Life Happened

Time for the sequel.

I published my memoir in March of 2011. That was nearly a decade ago and a lot has happened since then. For one, Life has happened. I’ve already started the outline for my second book, but I’m not quite sure how to begin. I know, I know – at the beginning. Right? But it’s not that simple.

Not only have I entered several treatment centers for my alcoholism since my book became available, I was also physically assaulted by a couple of homeless men about two years ago and I don’t remember anything that happened during the event. I do remember being approached by these guys and not having the cigarette that they’d asked for, but I don’t recall anything else. Apparently, I’d been discovered in a hotel laundry room. Gruesome!

The assault managed to wipe out bits of my short term memory, which is unfortunate because I’m going to have to leave out parts of my story that I’m sure are relevant. But I promise to make my next book a good read nonetheless.

At the end of my first book, Saturation, I’d entered Betty Ford for three months. I was going through such debilitating withdrawal at the time of my flight to their center in California (flight staff didn’t know that was my issue) that I had to be wheeled onto the plane in a wheelchair. That part I remember. And the fight attendants only served me two drinks, which might have really upset me had I not brought my own bottle of vodka. I remember my time at Betty Ford and I remember spending a month in Monterey, California afterward. But once I left Monterey, things become fragmented.

Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

3 thoughts on “Life Happened

  1. Jennifer:

    Hello. I used to know you many moons ago — back in about 1993. I always felt like we had one of those “what a coincidence” deals because you were born in the same town where lived in 1969. Since I last saw you I’ve gone on to live a boring, normal working class life. But whoa! The adventures of Jennifer Place since then are quite the read.

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