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Dolly Parton is Still With Us, Yes?

What a character!

Last night I had a dream that Dolly died. I found out about this online and my sister just happened to be with me. I mentioned the news to her, but somehow she’d already found out, and she was quite upset about it, which I found odd because neither of us ever listened to Dolly’s music.

In addition, my sister’s hair was extremely long and insanely soft. I noticed both of these things when I offered her a condolence hug. I didn’t know what else to do to console her.

What does it all mean? Why on earth would I dream about Dolly Parton dying? Oh yeah – she was 54. Do I need to start freaking out that I might kick the bucket at 54? How am I supposed to figure this out? Every object and memorable ‘thing’ in a dream is supposed to represent something in the dreamer’s life, but Dolly and I don’t have a thing in common! That I know of. . .


Published by Jennifer

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