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“Just Let Me Grab My Gun.”

Oh yeah! They wear ’em out in public here!

I have an amusing story.  I went with a friend to the grocery store yesterday and we were talking for a minute after we parked.  Without looking, I reached over to open my door and it banged up against a car next to us that hadn’t been there when we arrived.  Some jive turkey had parked so close to my friend’s car, I couldn’t get out.  I couldn’t even squeeze out.  I have NO idea how that driver got out. 

Anywho – he was right in front of his car when I did this and he marched over to check his vehicle for scratches while I was busy climbing over the front driver’s seat just to get out. And that pissed me off because this guy didn’t have a car next to him on the right side. He didn’t have to park that close to us, but he didAnd he was wearing a gunTo the grocery storeWho does that?  What did he think might happen to him

So, I’m like “Dude, was it necessary for you to park this close to our car?”  And he was like “As far as I’m concerned, you guys are parked in my spot.  Your buddy there is the one who double parked.”  I looked down to check the accuracy of this statement and it was true – Jon had parked his car over the line by maybe 3 inches. So I was like, “Does that mean you HAD to park up his ass?!  I can’t even open the door!”  And then he was like, “Well, I can just call the cops and let them sort it out.”  And I was like, “DO IT!!.  And make sure  you tell them about the water pistol hanging off your hip!”  And then nobody said anything for a second. 

There were four of us standing in front of his car and the three of them looked at his gun while I stared at him. My friend tried to get me to let it go and smooth things over, while his girlfriend kept mumbling an unintelligible garble that I couldn’t pick up.  I finally chose to listen to my buddy and walked away, but not before I flipped off the man and his girlfriend.  There was nothing I could do and it was evident that he had parked that close to us to cause a problem. Sometimes, throwing up one’s hands is the best answer, but boy-oh-boy did that guy set off a nerve.

I wonder what it might have taken on my part for him to pull out his gun on me. And then what would he have done?! Would he have pulled ANY of this bullshit in the first place if he hadn’t had a gun? Is his self-confidence that low? How is that even possible? What a fucking idiot. Some of the laws in Oregon are incredibly backward. This is supposed to be a progressive state, but it sure doesn’t feel that way sometimes and I think some of the laws, or at least the open carry law here, may be endangering the lives of ordinary citizens. What if he’d been completely crazy?

This is the second time in less than a week that I’ve run into a guy carrying a gun. This past weekend I watched a man carrying a weapon escort his son to the bathroom at a restaurant while I was waiting for my order. I just don’t understand what these men think is going to happen to them. I don’t understand what makes them think they’re going to be able to legally use their weapon. How can they feel so threatened just by going out in public? Did something terrible happen in their pasts at some point? Did they get mugged at the car wash or in the mall or something?

I don’t know.

Color me thick.

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